Affiliate Marketing In Kenya

I will not purport to be an expert in this, nor will I say that I have made millions as an affiliate marketer. In fact, if you are searching for these keywords, ‘affiliate marketing in Kenya’, chances are we are on the same boat. We are both tired of working for ‘The Man’ and we have decided that it’s about time we put all that time and effort into working for a different kind of ‘Man’. One that actually pays us what our effort is worth. OURSELVES!!

I have been writing articles online for over a year now. One thing that has consistently stood out in all that time, is that most of my clients want me to either write a ‘product review’, ‘press release’ or some other kind of promotional material for a certain service or product they were offering their readers. The fact that they were willing to pay good money for those articles got me curious. So I asked one of them what that was all about. And that is how I got turned on to ‘affiliate marketing’.

I know, it’s not a very profound story, but it’s the truth. What am I gonna do??!

Anyway, I started reading up on this online. And most of what I found was material on how people were making thousands of dollars every month on a network called ‘Clickbank’. So naturally, I got all hot and bothered! I wanted a piece of that cake. Hell, I had been working online for over a year and I hadn’t made such huge amounts of passive income.

So, naturally, I delved a little deeper. I wanted to know how they were doing this and I wanted that information yesterday. I read articles, watched videos, saw income proof from a host of newbies just like me and I decided this here thing could be done.

So, I got to signing up for Clickbank, until I realized, I couldn’t do that in Kenya. Not with Clickbank. I was a little disappointed, but I figured, just because I wasn’t going to make all those millions through Clickbank, doesn’t mean that I was doomed to living a life of squalor. There are, after all, a million ways to kill a rat! (am not sure why you would need that many ways to kill a little rodent, but there you go!)

So, what did I do? Like you, I went on to Google and typed in ‘Affiliate marketing in Kenya’. Although I found very valuable information from wonderful blogs such as this one by Felix, and another wonderful resource by Walter, and by far, one of the most helpful blogs by Naserian, I did not quite find what I was looking for. And that was a blog dedicated to affiliate marketing in Kenya.

So, I said to myself, ‘self, we are going to do this!’ We are going to build a resource where all the budding affiliate marketers in Kenya can come and get information, share experiences and hopefully learn something that will help us in this particularly lucrative, but fraught with B%$#&8, path we are on.

Long story short (I know, it’s a little too late for that, but again, what can I do?), I am going to dedicate the rest of my foreseeable future to make this a success. I know it can be done, because it has been done before.
Now, if you have the guts for it,…the hunger, the desire and the ‘force’, come with me on this journey. Let us learn and grow rich together.

The best part, if you can consider it that, is that we are starting from scratch. Look! It’s a wordpress blog….the free kind! I will not hide anything from you. I will not discover some secret success formula only to send you on a wild goose chase in the opposite direction. Mostly because, I am nice like that, and because, you never know, that ‘wrong’ path I send you down might just be the one that leads you to your millions. How awful would that be for me? So, no! We will be open and trusting here. Your comments, your experiences, gratitude, dissatisfaction and pretty much anything that has anything to do with being an affiliate marketer in Kenya is highly welcome here.

My part is to gather all the relevant information I can on this subject, try it out, simplify it and post it here. Your part is to stick with me the whole way. Let us advice each other…call each other out on ‘non-sense-making’ ideas and prosper together. Yes? Good.

(Now that the introductions are made, how do I get you guys here??? Mmmmh!)


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